Reading Challenges – Riedel Fascination

Carolyn at Riedel Fascination is hosting three Reading Challenges. You can quickly find the scoop for all three on the Riedel Challenges 2015 Page. More details and sign up information can be found by clicking on the individual Challenge. Theses Challenges run from February, 2015 through January, 2016. All three of Carolyn’s Challenges have activities for prizes and year-end drawings.

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Mysteries! I love mysteries, so want to participate in the first one.

My Kind Of Mystery 2015


For this Challenge, anything goes! Novels, short stories, fiction, true crime, even author biographies. With this in mind, I plan to be very ambitious and sign up for Invisible Floor level (41 – 82).

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The other two Challenges Carolyn is hosting are:

Ethereal 2015


Gentle Spectrums 2015


12 comments on “Reading Challenges – Riedel Fascination

  1. How sweet are you? You’re showing folks where to go even for the two themes you aren’t in and composed a very nice post, at the highest vantage of my mystery one. Thank you so much for telling where I may be found and welcome, Dagny! Very warmly, Carolyn in prairie Canada.

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  2. This sounds great… I’m heading over to the link you mentioned and checking it out 🙂
    I guess I’ll be joining it! Thanks a lot Dagny for sharing about the amazing challenges you’re participating in! Always great to know about such challenges! 🙂

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    • Dagny says:

      The only Challenge I even knew about until a few months ago was the regular Goodreads Challenge. Now I am over-Challenged! You should see all the Challenges Carolyn at Riedel Fascination is doing. Besides the three she is hosting, she has a page with a bunch of others from all around the blogging world. I’m especially interested in the Birthday Month one. It’s one I hope to keep in mind for next year.

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      • Haha! Same here… I’m liking these challenges a lot, makes reading more interesting!

        Wow! That’s great. I’ll check out all her challenges and see if something catches my eyes 🙂
        And I’m liking the sound of Birthday Month Challenge… will definitely look into it 😀
        Thanks dear!

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  3. I’m sorry Heena didn’t join us this year but she certainly can this 2016. For some reason I didn’t get an alert about your hilarious observation about last year’s load. I am laughing now that I see it – thank you for honourable, if not zany mention! I did *not* relish typing all of that new year’s eve, reinforcing my desire to move groups one month up. Don’t forget to e-mail if you guess our 2015 book cover logo, for an extra January 31 draw entry. 🙂 Your readership of my blog in general has meant a lot all year, Dagny. Xoxo, Carolyn.

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    • Dagny says:

      Yes, Heena was overwhelmed last year with the writing of her own first novel. It’s done and going through editing now and I think she’s already working on her second novel.

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      • As someone in the earliest possible stages of one’s firt ever manuscript, I for one can definitely feel happy for her. Please tell her I am additionally thrilled by the chance to acquaint her, knowing that. I left one note yesterday at her blog, inviting her anew. Applause for her!

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        • Thanks a lot, Dagny, of letting me know about this convo. You’re the best 🙂
          And thanks, Carolyn, for being so kind as to invite me for 2016’s challenge and also for the friend-invite at GR (and also for all your sweet words in the comment above <3) It's so good to meet you! I'm a mystery and thriller buff, and your Mystery Challenge is perfect for me. I'll head over to your blog and join in right away 😀
          Hope both you of you are having a great day!

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        • Of course, Heena. Right now, to me, finishing a manuscript is amazing. As each of us gets to higher stages of success, I am going to be grateful for the same type of support that I surely want to give. *Hug!*


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