2015 Reading Challenges – RMFAO

Heena of The Reading Bud is hosting a number of Reading Challenges in her RMFAO group at Goodreads. The details are at both her blog and the group. Sign up is easy here at the Goodreads group. I’m in for three of them.

RMFAO 2015 Series Challenge


This one was a no-brainer for me since I’m already doing Yvonne’s Finishing the Series Reading Challenge. I have added one more series to the count for a total of five series to finish.

RMFAO 2015 Genre Challenge


A great idea by Heena! Each month focuses on a particular genre and you may choose a different level each month; just try to read at least one book in the featured genre for the month. This will force enable me to read a couple of genres I haven’t read in ages and finally read a few books about which I have heard so much.

RMFAO 2015 Classics Challenge


When Heena asked for ideas and I suggested Classics, she kindly agreed. Only two books are needed for Level 1: Casual Reader. I chose Level 5: Professor which is twelve or more Classics. The guideline is prior to 1940.


5 comments on “2015 Reading Challenges – RMFAO

  1. FictionFan says:

    I don’t normally do challenges but I’ve also signed up for Heena’s Genre challenge over on Goodreads – and I might just pop back over and sign up for the Classics one too, since I’m proposing to read some Dickens and some Austen this year…

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  2. Awww… thanks for this post Dagny! I’m feeling so happy *doing the happy dance!*
    And thanks also for the kind words 🙂
    Your classic catch-up has really given my reading a new direction. I’m trying to read as many classics suggested by you as possible… and for the first time I’m really enjoying reading so many classics! ❤
    Thanks a lot Dagny… you are one of my favourite book-buddy! 😀

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