Teaser Tuesdays – September 2, 2014

TTFamilyHappTeaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.

Anyone can participate.

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Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy
Translated by Louise and Aylmer Maude

Family Happiness

But suddenly I felt that I must see what he was doing there and what he looked like — that I must watch his movements while he supposed that no one saw him. Besides I was simply unwilling just then to lose sight of him for a single minute.

This translation is in the public domain. It may be downloaded free at ManyBooks.


Free Time Fridays – August 29, 2014

LadyReadingFTFFree Time Fridays is a weekly meme created and hosted by eatupmyfreetime.

On Fridays we will recap how we spent our free time during the week + our plans for the weekend! ie. Did you read? If so, what books? Did you shop? Listen to any cool tunes? Binge watch any cool TV shows? Take any trips lately? I want to hear all about it! You can either mention ALL of the ways you spent your free time that week or focus on one activity. Whatever your heart desires!


My free time this week was spent reading (as it should be!) and catching up on some odds and ends. I needed to get as much as possible done because, with two group reads starting soon, the next two weeks will be busy. I’m looking forward to them.



The discussion of Katia aka Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy begins Sunday at the 19th Century Literature group.




The discussion of Balzac’s Omelette by Anka Muhlstein begins Monday at the French Literature group.



Anyone interested in either of these two books is welcome to join us.


That pretty much sums up my free time (so-called) for this past week. It’s your turn now. How did you spend your free time this week or what are you looking forward to this weekend?