SquirrelHangingThis is a post by Betty Louise from a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t resist the squirrel or Kato.





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Welcome, come inside out of the cold and rain. I have and varioustea. I can make got chocolate. There are baked apples just Our of the oven. Our weather continues to be unusual. But spring is definitely in sight. More trees and shrubs are blooming or leafing out.Oregon Grape has tiny flower buds ready to one on a warm day. We had a lot of wind this past week but not much rain. The cold wether and no rain has helped the Boise River’s flooding. Thunderstorms are forecast for or today. On my grocery shopping day, I see more flowering trees shrubs and one lovely flowering quince in bloom.

I am discouraged. I had this post almost complete and when I update it all I had written disappeared into cyberspace. I guess I will have visited the forums and see what I am doing wrong. Not a…

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Missing Squirrels



There are two huge trees in my yard, but alas, no squirrels. I think the neighborhood dogs must keep them away. When I lived in Missouri near the river there was a large population of squirrels. The largest number I ever saw visiting the feeder in my front yard at one time was fourteen. This included the young ones.

When I lived in Arizona, there were no squirrels anywhere near my home and I frequented a couple of online squirrel cams which have disappeared over the years.