Reading Challenges – Riedel Fascination

Carolyn at Riedel Fascination is hosting three Reading Challenges. You can quickly find the scoop for all three on the Riedel Challenges 2015 Page. More details and sign up information can be found by clicking on the individual Challenge. Theses Challenges run from February, 2015 through January, 2016. All three of Carolyn’s Challenges have activities for prizes and year-end drawings.

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Mysteries! I love mysteries, so want to participate in the first one.

My Kind Of Mystery 2015


For this Challenge, anything goes! Novels, short stories, fiction, true crime, even author biographies. With this in mind, I plan to be very ambitious and sign up for Invisible Floor level (41 – 82).

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The other two Challenges Carolyn is hosting are:

Ethereal 2015


Gentle Spectrums 2015


2015 Reading Challenges – RMFAO

Heena of The Reading Bud is hosting a number of Reading Challenges in her RMFAO group at Goodreads. The details are at both her blog and the group. Sign up is easy here at the Goodreads group. I’m in for three of them.

RMFAO 2015 Series Challenge


This one was a no-brainer for me since I’m already doing Yvonne’s Finishing the Series Reading Challenge. I have added one more series to the count for a total of five series to finish.

RMFAO 2015 Genre Challenge


A great idea by Heena! Each month focuses on a particular genre and you may choose a different level each month; just try to read at least one book in the featured genre for the month. This will force enable me to read a couple of genres I haven’t read in ages and finally read a few books about which I have heard so much.

RMFAO 2015 Classics Challenge


When Heena asked for ideas and I suggested Classics, she kindly agreed. Only two books are needed for Level 1: Casual Reader. I chose Level 5: Professor which is twelve or more Classics. The guideline is prior to 1940.

2015 Reading Challenges – Socrates’ Book Reviews

I am participating in all three of Yvonne’s Reading Challenges hosted at Socrates’ Book Reviews. I have been keeping my progress at Goodreads and, hopefully, will eventually set up a Page here to include all the Challenges in which I participate. You can find out more information about each individual Challenge at the link provided and sign up either there or at Goodreads.


YvonneFinishing the Series

I have chosen Level Four – Finish Four Series. The current list of the four series I plan to finish reading this year totals twenty-one books. Over half of them also qualify for another Challenge.



I love mystery series and have opted for Level Four – Sleuth Extraordinaire. This involves reading twenty or more Cozies. Shouldn’t be a problem, even with counting only the Cozy series I follow.



This is the group I read the least of, but the guidelines are very broad. It doesn’t have to actually be about an animal. A couple of the Cozy series I follow qualify by virtue of the main characters having animals. Yvonne has made it even easier by including books with an animal in the title or on the cover. I chose Level Two which is seven – twelve books.