Valentine’s Day 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Which General Hospital couples will make it through 2014 and which will crash and burn?


Moon Rondeau
By Carl Sandburg

“Love is a door we shall open together.”
So they told each other under the moon
One evening when the smell of leaf mould
And the beginnings of roses and potatoes
Came on a wind.

Late in the hours of that evening
They looked long at the moon and called it
A silver button, a copper coin, a bronze wafer,
A plaque of gold, a vanished diadem,
A brass hat dripping from deep waters.

“People like us,
us two,
We own the moon.”


Revisit a favorite from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam on Benny’s blog.

Take it off with Bradford!

John Beradino as Dr Steve Hardy

 I first watched General Hospital in early 1964, less than a year after its April 1, 1963, premiere. John Beradino (above as Steve) and Emily McLaughlin (Jessie) were original cast members with Rachel Ames (Audrey) joining the cast during the first year. Cast members have come and gone; none of the original ones remain. Some have been favorites, some have been great villains to hate and others never sparked my interest.

One of my favorite current characters is Damian Spinelli (aka Jackal, PI) played by Bradford Anderson. Bradford has started a New Year’s Resolution Pound For Pound Charity Challenge! Read his blog entry and follow the links for details. Take it off with Bradford!

(Note added in February, 2014: The Challenge has long since ended and the blog is no longer available.)