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Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate


My jaw literally dropped during this scene! What a zinger, I couldn’t believe my ears.

Tonight’s episode, the seventh of Season Three, is my favorite so far this season. It was great to see the humor as Cosima impersonated Alison. My favorite episodes are usually ones with some light-hearted scenes as a bit of relief from the breathlessness of the drama.

And there was plenty of drama too:



Orphan Black Season 3 Preview Images and Description for “The Weight of This Combination”

One week away! (See the other images at Pop Goes The World.)

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah and Ari Millen as Rudy

Pop Goes The World

Orphan Black’s third season will premiere on April 18th, 2015 at 9pm ET on both Space Channel and BBC America.

Here is how Space Channel is describing the season premiere “The Weight of This Combination”

Sarah fights to locate a disappeared Helena, and must repel a lethal investigator from the mysterious shadow corporation Topside, who threatens the Leda sisters’ lives. Meanwhile, Cosima appears to be rebounding from her illness, while Alison and Donnie face newfound financial woes. When the menace of Castor rears its head once more, Sarah and her entire family must come together to survive.

And Space Channel also released several photo from season 3. Check them out.

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How to Be Awesome Like Alison Hendrix


Great post on Alison!

girls like giants

Welcome to the final day of Orphan Black Week on Girls Like Giants! We launched this discussion last week with a post on the patriarchal metaphor that structures the show. This week we’ve been featuring a series of “How To Be Awesome Like…” posts on the women of “clone club.” Today our final contributor, Rachel B., gets at the heart inside the neuroses of Alison Hendrix.

Guest Contributor Rachel B.

In Orphan Black’s first episode, Alison Hendrix is nothing more than a Social Security card in a safe deposit box. At first glance, this seems an apt metaphor for the woman herself: contained within the cold, sterile routine of her highly regulated suburban life. Unable to think or live outside the box. Indeed, when Felix asks Sarah early in Season 1 why she decides not to inform Alison about the more frightening characteristics of the as-yet unidentified Helena, Sarah explains that if…

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Happy Birthdays! – Orphan Black Clones


Thanks to FLYFISHERJO for researching and recording birthdates and places! It will be a busy spring and just in time for Season Three.

Orphan Clones

While watching Season 1, I got wrapped up in the birth certificates of the various clones that Sarah finds. I started writing them down, then searched for the information on the other clones and came up with this list.
If you can’t send a card to your favourite clone, just bake a cake and eat it in their honour! Post photos of the cakes on the Orphan Black Twitter or FB account just to be sure they know fans out there are celebrating.
There was no recorded birthdate for Rachel. Guess no one wants to celebrate her birthday. 😉

Alison Hendrix: April 4, 1984, Scarborough, ON, Canada

Elizabeth Childs: April 1, 1984 East York, ON, Canada (deceased)

Katja Obinger: March 24, 1984, Berlin, Germany (deceased)

Janika Zingler: March 10, 1984, Salzberg, Austria (deceased)

Aryanna Giordano: April 4, 1984, Rome, Italy (deceased)

Danielle Fournier: March 20, 1984, Paris, France (deceased)


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