Orphan Black: Alison Takes Charge

Alison, how you’ve changed.


No more drinking yourself into oblivion and passing out, no more sticking your head in the sand and not wanting to know.

Alison is such a fun character. Hard to believe that I actually didn’t like her much in the beginning, but that soon ended.

This post on the Orphan Black Fansite blog recaps Alison’s progression from soccer mom into one tough lady who does what needs to be done (and more). It’s part of their Clone Wars and if you visit in the next few days, you can vote for Alison.



How to Be Awesome Like Alison Hendrix


Great post on Alison!

girls like giants

Welcome to the final day of Orphan Black Week on Girls Like Giants! We launched this discussion last week with a post on the patriarchal metaphor that structures the show. This week we’ve been featuring a series of “How To Be Awesome Like…” posts on the women of “clone club.” Today our final contributor, Rachel B., gets at the heart inside the neuroses of Alison Hendrix.

Guest Contributor Rachel B.

In Orphan Black’s first episode, Alison Hendrix is nothing more than a Social Security card in a safe deposit box. At first glance, this seems an apt metaphor for the woman herself: contained within the cold, sterile routine of her highly regulated suburban life. Unable to think or live outside the box. Indeed, when Felix asks Sarah early in Season 1 why she decides not to inform Alison about the more frightening characteristics of the as-yet unidentified Helena, Sarah explains that if…

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