Teaser Tuesdays – April 21, 2015


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I haven’t liked some of the books in this series, but this one is turning out great. Fans of the television show Alien Nation should love it. It will also be of interest to others as it’s not just science fiction. It’s about prejudice and labels of all kinds. Homage is paid to John Howard Griffin and his experience in the 1950s which are recounted Black Like Me.

Slag Like Me
(Alien Nation #5)
by Barry B. Longyear


“All kinds of irrelevant detail,” said Fell, looking up at Matt. “What I do know about Mick was that he swung his honesty like a war club, and that his mortal enemies were stupidity, injustice, and cruelty.”

Publisher’s blurb:

Detective Matthew Sikes and his Newcomer partner George Francisco must track down a missing human journalist, named Micky Cass, who has gone undercover as a Newcomer to expose racism and discrimination against the Tenctonese. From the beginning, the journalist’s articles about his experiences ignited fierce controversy. When Micky Cass disappears, the controversy explodes and violence wracks the city. It is now up to Sikes and Francisco to solve a case that has the entire city caught in a grip of hate. Finally, as the city burns, Matt Sikes must go undercover as a Newcomer and place himself at the center of the worst violence Los Angeles has ever known.

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Free Time Fridays – October 31, 2014


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I’ve watched two movie marathons and an assortment of old horror movies in this week leading up to Halloween.

First up was a four movie marathon of Tremors. These were fun to revisit, but I actually prefer the television series from 2003. Michael Gross is perfect as Burt Gummer.

*      *      *      *      *


A five movie Alien Nation marathon is in progress. Three down, two to go. These also make me want to re-watch the entire series.

Right in the midst of all the movies, there was a special Halloween team challenge at Fun Trivia featuring six exploding pumpkins. On the book front, I finished Burn by Nevada Barr which was due at the library. Not that our dear librarians would have placed a voodoo curse on me had I been late, but one never knows what esoteric knowledge might be picked up through reading and it was set in New Orleans.

That pretty much sums up my free time for this past week. It’s your turn now. How did you spend your free time this week or what are you looking forward to this weekend?