How to Be Awesome Like Alison Hendrix


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Welcome to the final day of Orphan Black Week on Girls Like Giants! We launched this discussion last week with a post on the patriarchal metaphor that structures the show. This week we’ve been featuring a series of “How To Be Awesome Like…” posts on the women of “clone club.” Today our final contributor, Rachel B., gets at the heart inside the neuroses of Alison Hendrix.

Guest Contributor Rachel B.

In Orphan Black’s first episode, Alison Hendrix is nothing more than a Social Security card in a safe deposit box. At first glance, this seems an apt metaphor for the woman herself: contained within the cold, sterile routine of her highly regulated suburban life. Unable to think or live outside the box. Indeed, when Felix asks Sarah early in Season 1 why she decides not to inform Alison about the more frightening characteristics of the as-yet unidentified Helena, Sarah explains that if…

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Happy Birthdays! – Orphan Black Clones


Thanks to FLYFISHERJO for researching and recording birthdates and places! It will be a busy spring and just in time for Season Three.

Orphan Clones

While watching Season 1, I got wrapped up in the birth certificates of the various clones that Sarah finds. I started writing them down, then searched for the information on the other clones and came up with this list.
If you can’t send a card to your favourite clone, just bake a cake and eat it in their honour! Post photos of the cakes on the Orphan Black Twitter or FB account just to be sure they know fans out there are celebrating.
There was no recorded birthdate for Rachel. Guess no one wants to celebrate her birthday. 😉

Alison Hendrix: April 4, 1984, Scarborough, ON, Canada

Elizabeth Childs: April 1, 1984 East York, ON, Canada (deceased)

Katja Obinger: March 24, 1984, Berlin, Germany (deceased)

Janika Zingler: March 10, 1984, Salzberg, Austria (deceased)

Aryanna Giordano: April 4, 1984, Rome, Italy (deceased)

Danielle Fournier: March 20, 1984, Paris, France (deceased)


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Nina Clay Watches Orphan Black







I totally missed this reference to the Canadian television series Orphan Black on the Friday, August 1, episode of General Hospital. I don’t care for the character of Nina Clay and usually fast forward through her scenes, even when they are with characters I do like.


Thank you to @OrphanBlack for Tweeting the link at Tumbler. I have now watched it four times and counting.

The Story of Mark: Project Castor


Thank you for the mythology information and the ‘Mark’ refresher!


Orphan Clones

After two seasons of female clones and speculation of male clones, we have finally been introduced to our men and Project Castor. Sharpen you Greek myth skills again for the background on this.

Castor is a twin, his brother is Pollux commonly known as the constellation Gemini. Less commonly known is they are considered the protecting force behind the phenomenon of St. Elmo’s Fire. They protected sailors on the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts and still do through this Fire. Castor was also known as a skilled trainer of horses and Pollux as a skilled boxer.

They were fathered by two men; Castor by Tyndareus, King of Sparta, and Pollux by Zeus. Like many myths, there are variety of versions and in some both sons are fathered by Tyndareus or both are fathered by Zeus. Their mother was Leda. Keep in mind that the myths with Zeus has both…

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Orphan Black: Alison and Donnie

Alison and Donnie: model suburban couple?

Alison (Tatiana Maslany) and Donnie (Kristian Bruun) are such fun, but this week tops them all to date, even Alison’s torture of Donnie when she first suspected him of being her monitor.


Soccer Mom Alison wanted no part of the Clone Club. She wanted merely to live her own life, but this wasn’t to be. After being tied up and tortured, Donnie was able to convince Alison that he wasn’t her Monitor.

Alison then suspected Aynsley, but after Aynsley’s death, suspicion fell again on hen-pecked Donnie.



Turning to alcohol and pills, Alison fell off the stage during the performance of Blood Ties and Donnie had her committed to Rehab.



Eventually it came to light that deluded Donnie was an unwitting Monitor. Furious, Donnie confronted Dr. Leekie, but unable go through with shooting him, accidentally did so.


Alison and Donnie are brought together by their mutal confessions and work together to dispose of Leekie’s corpse. Alison still has to do all the planning and most of the work. She is even better with the jackhammer than Donnie.


But when Vic catches the couple, Donnie begins to man up and finally does so as he confronts and threatens Vic and Angie.


(Also see Alison and Donnie: A Love Story)


CosimaOrphan Black fans, don’t miss this great post on Dyad.

Orphan Clones

Dyad is a Greek word for two individuals that maintain an equal relationship, like a marriage or partnership. Given the nature of Project Leda, the first inclination is to believe the two parts of this relationship is god and human. Dyad is also part of the cloning process. The definition is: “a meiotic chromosome after separation of the two homologous members of a tetrad “ I think we’d need Cosima to explain that. 🙂 But it is a good connection to the institution, given the area of science they specialize in.

In S2E1, Leeky makes a speech in which he says Dyad’s keystone was set in 1918. It has grown to be worldwide as a privately funded institution employing 27,000 people in 134 countries including, he boasts, in Vatican City. He continues that visionaries like Dyad have a moral responsibility to continue healing, feeding and fueling the future of humanity…

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Orphan Black – Helena

To Hound Nature In Her Wanderings
(Season Two, Episode Six)

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Sarah and Helena’s road trip and seeing the sisters enjoying each other’s company. The sad note was when Sarah asked Helena why she didn’t just tell her where to find the Swan Man and Helena answered because then Sarah would leave her behind.


This is my favorite Season Two episode so far. There are revelations and drama but before that we get to have fun. More importantly Helena gets to have fun and for the first time I really like her. I hated her the first season, then as Season Two progressed thought she wasn’t so bad and felt an immense amount of sympathy for her. Soon I sort of liked her and now I 100% like her.

"Orphan Black" Ep 206 Day 7 Photo: Jan Thijs 2013HelenaDance


While Sarah is busy doing research in the church library, Helena enjoys her vacation.

Orphan Black – The World of Cloning

Love the gorgeous montage of the monitors.

Inside My Mind

Orphan Black is a show about clones and how they deal with finding one another and living (a lot of nurture vs. nature). The clones are well portrayed by leading actress, Tatiana Maslany. She plays 9 different clones so far, each with their own accents and personalities. They are part of an illegal cloning experiment.

The first season opens with a gripping, jaw dropping scene. Sarah Manning, a rebellious and punky dressed character, gets off a train and sees a woman that looks identical to her. As she gets closer the woman, Beth Child, jumps to her death in front of a train. Sarah takes over Beth trying to get a financial establishment, so she can get her daughter, Kira, back. She finds out that Beth is a cop and when Beth’s body is put through as dead, Sarah gets her loyal foster brother, Felix, to help with her dirty…

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