Orphan Black First Look at Season 5

Excited for the 5th season of Orphan Black!
Felix (Jordan Gavaris), Sarah (Tatiana Maslany), Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy)

Pop Goes The World

The final season of Orphan Black begins on Saturday June 1oth at 10pm ET on Space and BBC America. To tide us over, Space released several photos of season 5 that features all of our favourite clones plus a description of what we can expect during the final season.

The fifth and final season of ORPHAN BLACK brings Sarah and the sestras (Tatiana Maslany) to their darkest days in an effort to finally cut off the head of the snake and win their freedom. Throughout the season, the sisters individually delve into their past to confront personal struggles and emerge stronger through these self-explorations. Despite the great risk to attain freedom for themselves, their families, and the host of clone sisters they’ve yet to meet, clone club uncovers the missing pieces of the insidious conspiracy to finally learn the story behind their origin.

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4 comments on “Orphan Black First Look at Season 5

  1. I’ve been curious about this series. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Mike says:

    I recently received the announcement that Amazon Prime now has season 4 available to binge watch, but when I started a review of the last episode from Season 3, I felt I was missing something. I swear I watched the first three seasons but just to make sure, I’m (re)watching Season 3 in preparation for Season 4. And by the time I get through that it may be time for Season 5.

    Then again, should I watch Orphan Black or should I read Gargantua and Pantagruel?

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    • Dagny says:

      Orphan Black, Orphan Black! But who am I to say, lol, not sure I’ve ever read Gargantua and Pantagruel.

      The first season of OB was absolutely riveting to me. Then Season Two was up and down, depending on the focus. Two may be my least favorite season as it picked up again for me with Seasons Three and Four.


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