Orphan Black – Season Four, April 14


Thanks to Orphan Black for Tweeting all the great sneak peaks and graphics!

Season Four begins April 14 on BBC America. There’s a new Clone in town.



4 comments on “Orphan Black – Season Four, April 14

  1. I may need to watch this…especially if Nina Clay watches! LOL

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    • Dagny says:

      I know, that was so funny when I found out about that reference. It wouldn’t have been an endorsement for me back then, but I’m coming around to actually liking her now. She’s good with Franco.

      I’ll be watching Orphan Black for sure. The first season is still my favorite though.


  2. Anita Jensen says:

    I love Orphan Black. I think they are starting to play the earlier seasons now. I do have a question. Is the new clone hiding in under the sheep mask?

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    • Dagny says:

      I love the show too, Anita, as you can see since I set up a page for it. 😉

      Yes, the new clone is wearing the mask. From what I’ve seen in little promo snippets on Twitter, this clone feels the need to keep identity hidden, maybe because the new clone feels that the bad guys know about her and are out to capture her.


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