2 comments on “Thaao on DAYS OF OUR LIVES — November 10th to 29th

  1. Oh, I am a big fan of Days of Our Lives and Thaao is such a talented actor…I also enjoyed him as Victor Cassadine on General Hospital. He plays evil so well, that I suspected that there is much more to him. Who knew that he was a foodie too? Not I.

    I love Moussaka!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    • Dagny says:

      I love Moussaka too! Have you read any of Thaao’s books? I have his “Places”. I should get “Seducing Celebrities”, not only for the anecdotes but the recipes too.

      The Ice Princess story was my first introduction to him (and Victor). He was also in Altered States. He played a rather mystical guide who took the William Hurt character to the tribe in Mexico.


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