5 comments on “Quote of the Day – September 12, 2015

  1. bennythomas says:

    Ditto. He was larger than life and he was a man of action and also blessed with a mind You don’t see any president of his stature excepting FDR. The rest all manufactured by media and forgettable men. I admire Truman for his plain speaking.

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  2. Shaina says:

    I feel like you normally hear this sentiment the other way around (“Everything I’ve ever read is a part of me”), but I rather like this take on seeing yourself in the things you read. I think it also leaves room for acknowledging the good and the bad in what you read, instead of having to take all of it into yourself wholesale.

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  3. Such a beautiful quote… Thanks for sharing it, Dagny 🙂
    (Working with you has really improved my grammar a lot… Now I make sure to put commas in the right place. Hehe! Thanks a lot ❤ )

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    • Dagny says:

      You’re welcome, Heena. Sometimes I think I use too many. It must be all those 19th Century books in my head. At least that’s the excuse I’m using.

      The mere mention of commas makes me think of the book “Eats, Shoots and Leaves.”


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