LightSail A

I was captivated by this photo of solar sails taken on June 8.


The image from The Planetary Society was featured on the Astronomy Picture of the Day for June 19, 2015. Described in part as:

Once considered the stuff of science fiction, sailing through space was suggested 400 years ago by astronomer Johannes Kepler who observed comet tails blown by the solar wind.

More can be read at both sites and on this blog entry.


8 comments on “LightSail A

  1. Fred Runk says:

    Beautiful photo. Light sails–suggests a romantic view of space travel

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    • Dagny says:

      Yes, peaceful too.


      • Fred Runk says:


        Here is a link to a short story by Arthur C. Clarke about a light sail race. The title is “Sunjammer” aka “The Wind from the Sun.”

        Would this be appropriate for Nutshell?

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        • Dagny says:

          Thanks, Fred! I downloaded it, but won’t have time to read it until later. I’ll share the link with Cheryl re Nutshell.


        • Dagny says:

          I love this story, Fred, and almost had tears in my eyes at the end! Thank you so much for sending the link. I think I may have read it before, or something similar. It seemed very familiar. I read a lot of science fiction short stories in the late 60s/early 70s.

          For Nutshell – do you think there will be enough to carry a conversation? My interest was first in the solar sails and the race. It wasn’t until the ending that so much emotion came into it.


  2. Fred Runk says:


    We shall see, I guess.

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