#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge Weekly Update – April 25


FangirlI’m currently reading my third library book for April, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. My next library trip will be Tuesday, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish another book before May 1.

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This week’s topic:

Share how often you visit your library.

My library use over the last thirty years has been sporadic since I moved way out in the country. The libraries have been small ones. For twenty years, the nearest one was a 45 minute drive and it was only one room in City Hall. But it was actually a good one for me since the librarian enjoyed series mysteries. I wonder if her choices formed my taste for these. It’s possible. Before this I read more science fiction than mysteries. Currently I am much closer to a library, but it has limited hours. Part of the year I visit twice a month, but in the summer, between the heat and not having air conditioning in my vehicle, I probably only visit twice over the course of three months.

How about you? How often to you visit your library?


12 comments on “#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge Weekly Update – April 25

  1. I’m a big library user – but I am lucky enough to have one within easy walking distance of my house, plus several others nearby – and I’m a member of the ones near work too. The downside of this is I have a tonne of library books to read on top of everything else!

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  2. Jonathan says:

    I usually visit weekly when I’m at work but more often when I’m off work. I also visit others in the area especially as there’s a large one on my way to work. I also order books from other libraries in the area or from the ‘County Store’. For example I got Proust’s Jean Santeuil from the County Store as they only have one copy. Can you use your library to get books from other libraries as well?

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  3. Dagny says:

    I ordered thru the Inter-Library Loan fairly often when I lived in Arizona and they had that very small library. I haven’t checked into it at my current library. Probably.


  4. Sonia Lal says:

    A 45 minute drive is a looong drive to go the library. Mine is very close so pretty much whenever I want.

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  5. Fred Runk says:


    I visit the library web site daily, and make at least one or two or more visits weekly, depending upon what has arrived. I generally only go to the library now to return books or DVDs or to pick up ones that have arrived.

    Right now I have ten books and DVDs on loan and another 13 on the hold list. In addition I have a list of a hundred or more books and DVDs that are in the library that I want to borrow.

    I also order books through the InterLibraryLoan system, which is another way of getting books I don’t have AND it doesn’t count as being either a book on hold or a book loaned out. Through ILL therefore I can exceed the maximum of 15 items on hold and 25 items loaned out.

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    • Dagny says:

      Ah, yes. My library is also online. I don’t visit the site every day, but probably three or four times a week. My new standard operating procedure on deciding whether or not to start another series is whether or not my library carries it.


  6. flyfisherjo says:

    I am happy and proud to say I live in the city that claims to most use per capita of any library system in North America. We have 99 branches and when our substance abuse challenged mayor and his city council supporters tried to cut and close the people rose up against them. Toronto loves their libraries. I usually check out titles I want to read on the library catalogue first before thinking of buying them. Sometimes I will buy a newly published book, read it then donate it to the system because they have 50 copies and 800 holds! I love finding knitting patterns there. As a teacher, I encourage all my students and parents to go and remind them our system carries books in many languages so they can read to their children even when they haven’t yet learned English. Our system offers computer use, on-line books and magazines, ESL classes, after school,tutoring, space for community groups and special guest speakers (lots of amazing authors). All of this on less than 1% of city taxes.
    Neil Gaiman speaks up for libraries all the time, bless him, and I hope people will always realize their value.

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  7. Sonia Lal says:

    I’ve heard a lot about Fangirl!

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