#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge Weekly Update – April 18


This week I finished Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse #10) by Charlaine Harris, my second library book for April.

Earlier today it was a joy to participate in the #ReadingMyLibrary chat on Twitter. It was hosted by Stefani in conjunction with this Challenge. Samantha, Eden and Leah were the other major attendees.

This week’s topic:

Why you love libraries or why you love being a librarian.

One thing I took away from the #ReadingMyLibrary chat was about audio books. I forget about them and, in fact, don’t even know where they’re located in my local library. It’s great that the catalog is online and so easy to search. I found two audio books of interest to me:


Looking for Peyton Place by Barbara Delinsky

I watched that old television series from the sixties. It was possibly the first nighttime soap in the US and I was riveted. I must see what this book is about!


Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen is the other audio book which caught my eye, possibly because of the movie which I’ve heard of but not seen.

I love librarians because they are so anxious to assist. They’ll show me where to find the audio books in a flash!

 I love libraries. It is always fun to browse when I have the time. Books, books and more books. What’s not to love?


10 comments on “#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge Weekly Update – April 18

  1. I always forget about audiobooks too! Maybe I should start browsing them on my library’s website.

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  2. Jonathan says:

    I like the idea of audiobooks but most of the time end up ditching it for the printed version.

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    • Dagny says:

      I used to listen to them a lot when I lived in Arizona and had an hour commute to work with no traffic to speak of, just two stop signs.

      I sort of know what you mean about ditching them for the printed version. Some books are hard for me to listen to and I lose the thread. When I listen on my computer to a public domain book from LibriVox or another free source, I have the text open and sometimes pause the recording to read a passage or check on something.

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  3. Fred Runk says:


    The local NPR station used to have The Radio Reader on daily. I would occasionally listen to it when I was driving somewhere and it happened to be on. That’s been my only experience with audiobooks.

    Right now, my eyes are still working, albeit not as well as they have in the past. I feel I have more control over the process when I have a book in hand. I can control the tempo and it’s much easier to go back and reread a portion if it’s in print.

    Audio books never really interested me, and I probably won’t rent any unless my eyes quit working entirely (pray this never happens).

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    • Dagny says:

      Yes, it was murder to try to rewind to catch a part again.

      I always do prefer written books, but audio books are handy for when I want to do something else at the same time. I’ve even exercised while listening. Course I have also been know to read while exercising, but except for the treadmill (or exercise bike if I had one), it doesn’t work all that well.


  4. I love that you remembered audiobooks! They’re a joy to listen to, especially if you’ve got a long commute or have a bunch of chores to do. Let me know if you check any out so I can find out what you think! 🙂

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