2015 Reading Challenges – Socrates’ Book Reviews

I am participating in all three of Yvonne’s Reading Challenges hosted at Socrates’ Book Reviews. I have been keeping my progress at Goodreads and, hopefully, will eventually set up a Page here to include all the Challenges in which I participate. You can find out more information about each individual Challenge at the link provided and sign up either there or at Goodreads.


YvonneFinishing the Series

I have chosen Level Four – Finish Four Series. The current list of the four series I plan to finish reading this year totals twenty-one books. Over half of them also qualify for another Challenge.



I love mystery series and have opted for Level Four – Sleuth Extraordinaire. This involves reading twenty or more Cozies. Shouldn’t be a problem, even with counting only the Cozy series I follow.



This is the group I read the least of, but the guidelines are very broad. It doesn’t have to actually be about an animal. A couple of the Cozy series I follow qualify by virtue of the main characters having animals. Yvonne has made it even easier by including books with an animal in the title or on the cover. I chose Level Two which is seven – twelve books.


Your thoughts or comments?

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