Orphan Black: Alison Takes Charge

Alison, how you’ve changed.


No more drinking yourself into oblivion and passing out, no more sticking your head in the sand and not wanting to know.

Alison is such a fun character. Hard to believe that I actually didn’t like her much in the beginning, but that soon ended.

This post on the Orphan Black Fansite blog recaps Alison’s progression from soccer mom into one tough lady who does what needs to be done (and more). It’s part of their Clone Wars and if you visit in the next few days, you can vote for Alison.


12 comments on “Orphan Black: Alison Takes Charge

  1. BlogerGeek13 says:

    OMG you watch it!?

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  2. crimeworm says:

    We love it too – the actress who plays all the clones is fantastic. Sorry I don’t know her name. But she should be a huge star.

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  3. crimeworm says:

    Absolutely! I see you mention Season 3 is due in March – is that in the UK? It’s not even the sort of show we generally watch, but after the first couple of episodes we were hooked. I hope there’ll be a recap, though, as I’m struggling to recall how Season 2 ended. Hopefully it’ll all come flooding back!

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    • Dagny says:

      I may have gotten the date wrong because I later I saw a mention of April. That’s on BBC-America. I know how it ended – remember the male clones? I just hope that doesn’t ruin it for Season Three. There are some pretty good recap sites in case you need a refresher.

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  4. crimeworm says:

    That doesn’t ring a bell at all! I’m now beginning to wonder if I missed series 2, or at least some of it…one of the last things I remember is her fighting with the psychopathic blonde one, who was Russian, judging by her accent – and they were on a ship. I may have seen episodes after that one, but it sticks in my head. I hope we didn’t miss all of season 2! And if we did, I hope we manage to catch up!

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    • Dagny says:

      There were plenty of fights with Helena, although I don’t really remember one on a ship in particular. I think you must have missed a lot, so I won’t say any more about Helena. If you don’t remember male clones, then you definitely must have missed at least the end of Season Two. It seems like that is something you’d remember. 🙂

      I expect BBC American to rerun the entire second season shortly before the opening of Season Three. At least that’s what they did with Season Two. I can’t think which of the recap sites I liked the best, I think there were two that were quite detailed in case you don’t get to see reruns. When I spot them, I’ll come back and post a link here for you.


    • Dagny says:

      Pop Goes the World has good, detailed recaps: http://theworldgoespop.com/
      There’s a drop-down menu for television recaps.

      They have lots of other goodies too and mention the start date on BBC America as April 18 with the assumption that Space (Canada?) will be the same.


      • crimeworm says:

        Super, thanks so much…I’m actually in the UK, where it’s shown on BBC Three, so we may well have to wait a bit longer to get it…although you’d imagine that if the BBC have bought the rights to show it on BBC America, they should be able to show it here too…although territorial rights can be really bizarre, so I won’t bank on it. I think I’d DEFINITELY remember male clones, but it’s been so long since its been on I may well have seen SOME of Season 2 – but I must’ve missed the conclusion. Maybe they’ll be really helpful and show us 2 again before series 3 begins – that’d be good!

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