Happy Birthdays! – Orphan Black Clones


Thanks to FLYFISHERJO for researching and recording birthdates and places! It will be a busy spring and just in time for Season Three.

Orphan Clones

While watching Season 1, I got wrapped up in the birth certificates of the various clones that Sarah finds. I started writing them down, then searched for the information on the other clones and came up with this list.
If you can’t send a card to your favourite clone, just bake a cake and eat it in their honour! Post photos of the cakes on the Orphan Black Twitter or FB account just to be sure they know fans out there are celebrating.
There was no recorded birthdate for Rachel. Guess no one wants to celebrate her birthday. 😉

Alison Hendrix: April 4, 1984, Scarborough, ON, Canada

Elizabeth Childs: April 1, 1984 East York, ON, Canada (deceased)

Katja Obinger: March 24, 1984, Berlin, Germany (deceased)

Janika Zingler: March 10, 1984, Salzberg, Austria (deceased)

Aryanna Giordano: April 4, 1984, Rome, Italy (deceased)

Danielle Fournier: March 20, 1984, Paris, France (deceased)


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2 comments on “Happy Birthdays! – Orphan Black Clones

  1. flyfisherjo says:

    Thanks, I messaged this idea to the FB Orphan Black account. Let’s see if they suggest it next spring as a lead in to Season 3. 🙂

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