Orphan Black: Alison and Donnie

Alison and Donnie: model suburban couple?

Alison (Tatiana Maslany) and Donnie (Kristian Bruun) are such fun, but this week tops them all to date, even Alison’s torture of Donnie when she first suspected him of being her monitor.


Soccer Mom Alison wanted no part of the Clone Club. She wanted merely to live her own life, but this wasn’t to be. After being tied up and tortured, Donnie was able to convince Alison that he wasn’t her Monitor.

Alison then suspected Aynsley, but after Aynsley’s death, suspicion fell again on hen-pecked Donnie.



Turning to alcohol and pills, Alison fell off the stage during the performance of Blood Ties and Donnie had her committed to Rehab.



Eventually it came to light that deluded Donnie was an unwitting Monitor. Furious, Donnie confronted Dr. Leekie, but unable go through with shooting him, accidentally did so.


Alison and Donnie are brought together by their mutal confessions and work together to dispose of Leekie’s corpse. Alison still has to do all the planning and most of the work. She is even better with the jackhammer than Donnie.


But when Vic catches the couple, Donnie begins to man up and finally does so as he confronts and threatens Vic and Angie.


(Also see Alison and Donnie: A Love Story)

One comment on “Orphan Black: Alison and Donnie

  1. flyfisherjo says:

    I loved that whole sequence too. I laughed when Donny took the photo and while Angie was outraged, Vic is cool and gives the peace sign. That was so Vic. I think it is safe to say their marriage is stronger for all of this although they may want to think about buying a new freezer…


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