Orphan Black Preview: Can Mrs. S Be Trusted?

Great interview, thank you. Especially enjoy the part about the scene with Nora McLellan and the cast clapping afterward.


Orphan Black Season 2 Spoilers Mrs. S: Friend or foe?

That’s one of many questions at the center of Orphan Black‘s second season, and this tonight’s episode (BBC America, 9/8c) promises to expose even more of Mrs. S’ secrets.

VIDEO |Exclusive Orphan Black Sneak Peek: Who Hit Sarah? And Who Didn’t Survive the Car Crash?

Below, Maria Doyle Kennedy reveals what she really knows about her mysterious character and previews a heated reunion.

SECRET KEEPER | Kennedy is not privy to Mrs. S’ secrets — at least not all of them. The actress admits she’s plenty in the dark about her character’s storylines, but a talk with co-creator Graeme Manson at the show’s start did uncover some intel about Mrs. S. “It was clear that she was going to be an interesting person and that she had a very colorful past and that she was a mixture of things,” says Kennedy. “And the other…

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2 comments on “Orphan Black Preview: Can Mrs. S Be Trusted?

  1. It’s just really the best show on T.V. right now.. crazy good!! 😀


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