Brown University Now Has William Hart’s H. P. Lovecraft CD’s

Thank you so much, Will, for all the time and effort you expend in your devotion of H. P. Lovecraft and your generous willingness to share.

Everyone, remember, you may make your own copies of Will’s recordings free and he has even supplied artwork.

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Brown University Lovecraft CD's Acknowledgment Received 08-Nov-2013

My personal Lovecraftian treat for 2013!

In late August, 2013, I sent a set of twelve CD’s of my Lovecraftian readings to Holly Snyder of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, as a donation to the H. P. Lovecraft Collections of the John Hay Library.

And just last week, on Friday, the 8th. of November I received the acknowledgment letter I have posted above.

These CD’s represent the current sum total of my unabridged H. P. Lovecraft readings to date; and have been burned and printed by me, just for the John Hay library; as they are, as they say in all those infomercials, “Not Available in Stores!”

I do freely provide all of my Lovecraft readings here on my blog and on YouTube for anyone who wants to download them, but I also like the idea that a very limited edition set of the CD’s are in the Brown…

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One comment on “Brown University Now Has William Hart’s H. P. Lovecraft CD’s

  1. cthulhuwho1 says:

    My Dear Madame Vauquer, Thank You for your very kind reblog! Will Hart aka CthulhuWho1


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