William Hope Hodgson Sighting



I love to see mentions of books and authors in other books and especially when the mention is of a favorite. This is in The Third Gate by Lincoln Child.

Logan walked over to the book that had fallen from the tech’s lap. picking it up, he saw it was William Hope Hodgson’s exceptionally weird novel The House on the Borderland.

He handed it to Landau. “Sure this is the kind of book you want to be reading out here?”

“What do you mean?” Landau took the book and cradled it protectively.

“The Sudd’s bizarre enough. Reading stuff like that besides may rot your mind.”

“Huh. Maybe that explains it.” And Landau turned around and resumed his typing.

For all things Hodgson, visit Sam’s William Hope Hodgson blog.

One comment on “William Hope Hodgson Sighting

  1. Sam Gafford says:

    Excellent spotting! Thanks for this and the WHH Blog mention as well. I must confess that I wouldn’t have expected a WHH mention in a Lincoln Child book!


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