50,000 online book and serial catalog records released as CC0

This was one of the first and the best resource I found for locating etexts and I still use it.

Everybody's Libraries

What a difference a few years can make.  A few years ago, folks in the library world (myself included) were arguing about whether it was a good idea to let other people copy and build on their catalog records.  Whether or not libraries could or should reuse and redistribute records from WorldCat, for example, was up in the air.  Some of us were starting to take small steps towards putting catalog records under open licenses.  For instance, I licensed the catalog records I created for The Online Books Page under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license some years back.  At the time, that was farther than many library projects were willing to go.

By now, though, there’s been a definite shift towards wider and more common opening up of bibliographic records.  Large libraries like the German National Library and Harvard have released millions of the MARC records into the public domain. …

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