Top 100 Lists

[I should do this too. Dagny]

A Celebration of Reading

I was idly checking a few of the Top 100 type lists on this site and began to note the titles I should consider reading (and many I am embarrassed to admit I haven’t read yet). I started a pen and paper list on a 3×5 card but soon ran out of room so I returned to the computer to create a more extensive list. I transcribed all the titles from the major lists that I hadn’t read to date. But then I looked at some of the entries and made an executive decision about some of the texts I knew I would never read (Ayn Rand for instance) and pared a small number of titles from the list.

So these are the books experts tell us we should read yet I have not read them. I don’t know if the list is valuable to others but I am including…

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