Curiosity Rover

Ground controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory celebrate the successful landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars.

One of the first images received.

Visit the NASA site for information, photos, video and more.

8 comments on “Curiosity Rover

  1. bennythomas says:

    Fantastic! Hope we shall not colonize Mars before we fix the mess we made on our home planet. Still it is an achievement.


    • LOL, Benny. I’m not signing up for the colonization party. I’ve always been fascinated by going into space (vicariously). When I was a child, it was only a dream, so I feel quite blessed to be able to watch it all happening. Must have been all the science fiction novels I read during their Golden Age.


  2. Fredr says:

    You should read Kim Stanley Robinson’s trilogy: Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars. Humans didn’t clean up earth, which is why many emigrated to Mars. Unfortunately, the same forces that cooperated in despoiling Earth–corporations and countries–went to work on Mars also. It’s a fascinating trilogy.


  3. bennythomas says:

    @ Fredr
    I hope to read the trilogy.
    Man must be the weakest link. Whether here or there he can only think green. If it is native of Mars he would greet him probably thus: ‘ Hi Green man!’ When he is making profits it will be some ‘greenbacks.’ By the way I suppose only the rich can afford the passage to Mars. So all poor people will be left behind to clean up or make the best of the earth.


  4. Fredr says:

    Madame V,

    It is expensive, so only the rich can afford it. However, corporations are sending employees to Mars to handle their business concerns there. Also, many groups can raise the money to send members there–many of the religious groups send members of their congregation to Mars. And there are always stowaways. And, a large Swiss? corporation sends people up there who can’t afford the price of a ticket, many of whom seem to be anti-corporation and anti-government types.

    Think about the colonization of North and South America–all the various groups who emigrated here.


    • Missionaries on Mars?

      Your mention of the corporation sending people that couldn’t afford a ticket, brought to mind the colonization of Australia and shipping prisoners off. In fact, now that I think about it, I believe the French transported minor offenders to the U.S. way back when.


      • Fredr says:

        Madame V,

        England, of course, shipped many prisoners to both the US and Australia.
        (read Moll Flanders for an interesting take on this)

        Missionaries, of course, but also cults who came to Mars and who then moved away from the larger settlements and started their own, free from “persecution.”

        I don’t remember whether prisoners and dissidents were sent to Mars, but it certainly is a possibility.


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